Colección: Wall Decor

Whether you lean more boho or traditional, your wall decor will impact the room’s style in a big way. Light colors, simple designs, and light wood shelves or frames go well with the contemporary, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and rustic-style decor. Darker hues, metal accents, and rough textures like stone, on the other hand, complement modern decor perfectly.

On the flip side, however, wall decor also offers a chance to add your own spin to a well-loved design style. Minimalist living room falling a little flat? Lemon yellow walls will brighten the space and add a little cheer. Likewise, deep black or emerald green walls can add an unexpected moody twist to a usually easy-breezy bohemian design.

Then come choose the right piece of wall decor for you. We carry a selection for whatever your space wants to be!