About US


Hello to all,

My story is actually quite simple, I am a married, female,  professional that  needed something that took my mind off work when I was at home. 

I have always been a scent -a-holic!! SO the natural thing to do, was to explore the world of scent. I had found so many companies that made candles but not all of them followed my philosophy of being eco-friendly. The more I delved into that realm, the more I found wonderful little companies that started out making their own with exactly that purpose in mind. I love scent in all forms!

So here you will find many different styles and scents and also some décor items that add compliments to your home. I try to source only suppliers that are truly producing products that we can re-use, reduce waste and not pollute our environment.

Treasures of My HeART has many unique home and personal gift items to enhance your personal time and satisfy your soul!

 Don't hesitate to explore our world of natural artistry and charm that warms the heart. As I had said, Treasures of My HeART is an environmentally conscious business that offers the opportunity to our customers, to buy items meant to better our health, our hearts and our environment. Enjoy your shopping experience with us here at Treasures of my HeART.