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Whitewashed Dough Bowl - Small

Whitewashed Dough Bowl - Small

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These beautiful dough bowls are each hand carved from a solid piece of raw wood and stained with a white paint to add a fresh twist to the standard vintage dough bowl style. Each bowl is uniquely different in size and shape, so the width and depth of each bowl will vary. Will have character markings like knots, cracks, chips, holes of different sizes, lean to one side, or wobble. We do not consider these to be defects but instead what proves the handmade quality of these popular wood products. We are not inspecting these bowls for Candles.

Please understand that we are not selling these dough bowls as perfect wooden bowls manufactured by a machine. They are individually hand-carved and are intended to look rustic and distressed. You will see different character markings like we describe above and show examples of in the pictures, you will also see slight differences in the darkness or lightness of the stain. You will receive a variety of different shaped and sized bowls, and a variety of character markings. If you have any questions about these bowls please ask before purchasing because we are in no way trying to deceive you.

They would make a lovely centerpiece for an entrance, coffee, or dining room table. A unique catch-all bowl for items like keys, spare change, or sunglasses. Can also be used as a rustic planter for faux plants or dessert plants that require little water like succulents and cacti. 

They measure approx. 8-10" x 5-6" x 2"

They are NOT food or dishwasher-safe. 

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