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Air Plant On Birch Disk

Air Plant On Birch Disk

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Air plants seem almost otherworldly the way they can grow, well, just in air. Yep, no soil at all required. Plus their leaves can look a bit like alien tentacles or like the appendages of an exotic sea creature.

Watering Air Plants

Air plants don't have roots like other plants; they only have a few short ones which are meant to help hold it onto whatever surface it's on. In their native habitats across the Southern United States, Mexico, Central and South America, air plants get what they need from high humidity and plentiful rainfall. In your home, you'll need to water your air plants about once a week. Some varieties can go two weeks without being watered. Keep an eye on them to determine when your plants seem to need a drink.

You don't need to be a garden expert to keep these houseplants alive. Low maintenance and beginner-friendly, these plants only require a little water from time to time. So go ahead and add some fresh greenery to your home. These beauties will thrive in your home regardless of your skill level.

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