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G. DeBrekht

Holy Virgin Mary Religious Orthodox Sacred Icon Ornament | Inspirational Icon Décor - 87011

Holy Virgin Mary Religious Orthodox Sacred Icon Ornament | Inspirational Icon Décor - 87011

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  • Inspirational Icon Décor
  • Made from Wood
  • Indoor Only
  • Handcrafted Gold Plated
  • String attached
  • Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Museum Icons
  • Approximate size: 5 x 3.5
  • Handcrafted in USA

Shop today for Holy Virgin Mary Icon Ornament at G. Debrekht Religious Shop - Highest quality gold plated wooden icons anywhere. Museum quality & great pricing. Visit our website and find a great collection of Monastery icons, crosses, and more.

About Collection: The classical old-world Art and the work of well-known artists have inspired us to preserve famous timeless icons in our “Museum Icon Collection.” In this Collection, we have recreated some of the most famous old-world icon classics-Chris, Mary, Mother of God, Feast Days, and many more. With great respect to these timeless pieces, G.DeBrekht has recreated the artwork using real gold and silver leaves. These beautiful images are displayed on rustic-looking stained wood, created with a modern touch of vibrant colors. Hand-made in the USA, every piece is unique, and it has spent countless hours in the hands of our talented artists. Each brushstroke is meticulously done, with love and passion, to add depth and dimension. These timeless pieces have become collectible; therefore, every piece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity for piece of mind. Bring this Collection to your home, brighten and bless your space and have it be cherished by friends and family for generations to come. Some items may have slight variations due to the hand-crafted nature of the Art and natural woodgrains. Size: 5" x 3.5". As a member of the Decorative Artistry and the Artistic community in the USA, G.DeBrekht appreciates your support.

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