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Moss & Oak Home Fragrance

Moss & Oak Home Fragrance

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Moss & Oak Home Fragrance

Step into a tranquil woodland oasis that bursts to life with lush flora and fauna in nature's finest hues. Our Moss & Oak Home Fragrance spray invites you to immerse your senses in the captivating scents of oak wood, moss, vetiver, lavender, and subtle hints of spice. Encased in a sleek silver metal container adorned with beautiful artwork, this fragrance spray adds a touch of understated elegance to any space.

With just a simple spritz, you can effortlessly freshen any room, instantly creating a soothing ambiance that uplifts your mood. Whether you're winding down after a long day or hosting a gathering with loved ones, our Moss & Oak Home Fragrance sets the perfect atmosphere.

Since 1987, Michel Design Works has been dedicated to crafting premium products that bring beauty and functionality to your everyday life. From exquisitely scented hand soaps to vibrantly printed napkins, our creations seamlessly blend fashion with practicality. Each item showcases intricate designs inspired by antique art from the 18th and 19th centuries, transforming your home into a haven of attainable luxury.

  • Size: 3.4 fl. oz. / 100 mL

Fragrance Notes:

Experience the harmonious blend of oak wood, moss, and vetiver that envelops your senses, creating a sense of tranquility and grounding you in nature's embrace.

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