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Cozy Cabin Simplicity Lantern

Cozy Cabin Simplicity Lantern

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Introducing the Cozy Cabin Simplicity Lantern

Curl up in the comforting embrace of our Cozy Cabin Simplicity Lantern. This delightful lantern brings the invigorating scents of fresh forest fir, musky sandalwood, and cedar into your home, creating a serene and cozy atmosphere.

Encased in a decorative glass jar with a metal handle and lid, this lantern adds a touch of rustic charm to any indoor or outdoor space. It serves as a versatile home decor piece that effortlessly complements various styles and settings.

With its generous burn time of 80 hours, you can enjoy the warm glow and captivating fragrance for many evenings to come. The Cozy Cabin Simplicity Lantern features a single wick, ensuring an even and consistent burn throughout its lifespan.

This lantern has a net weight of 16 oz and compact dimensions of 2.75" x 5.5", making it easy to place and move around your desired location. The use of high-quality paraffin wax ensures a clean and efficient burn experience.

Whether you are a young mother, older lady, younger man, professional, or simply someone who appreciates gifts and home decor, the Cozy Cabin Simplicity Lantern is a delightful addition to your living space. It also makes a thoughtful and charming gift for loved ones.

Product Specifications:

Line: Simplicity Lanterns
Burn Time: 80 Hours
Net Weight: 16 oz
Dimensions: 2.75" x 5.5"
Wicks: 1
Wax Type: Paraffin
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