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Lemon Freckle Bath Elixir

Lemon Freckle Bath Elixir

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Step into your very own bubble paradise with our Lemon Freckle Bath Elixir. This isn't your average bath time treat – it's a lush, luxurious experience that pampers your skin and senses.

Infused with Aloe-Vera Juice and Green Tea Extract, this elixir creates a sumptuous bath that feels like a hug for your skin. You'll step out of the tub with skin that's softer, smoother and smells amazing.

But, it's not just about the feel, it's about the scent too. Imagine creamy vanilla and warm, buttery notes, all tied together with a cheerful burst of lemon... sounds good, right? That's what you get with our Lemon Freckle Bath Elixir - it's a splash of optimism in a bottle!

And with a generous 500ml/16 oz size, there's plenty of bubble joy to go around. Perfect for unwinding after a long day, or for making bath time a special occasion. So, go ahead, treat yourself – or better yet, surprise someone special with the perfect gift.

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