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Luncheon Fragrant Lavender Napkins

Luncheon Fragrant Lavender Napkins

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Elevate any occasion, from the casual to the formal, with the help of our 20-pack of Luncheon Fragrant Lavender Napkins. These sturdy two-ply napkins are perfect for entertaining functions and affairs. Expertly crafted with a gorgeous watercolor painting of lavender blooms, they add a touch of class to your gatherings and celebrations.

Measuring a convenient 6.5 inches square, these napkins are designed to cater to your needs. Whether you're hosting a family lunch or a formal dinner, they are sure to impress your guests.

Our Fragrant Lavender Luncheon Napkins are made in Poland, ensuring quality and attention to detail. They make for perfect gifts for young mothers, older ladies, and professionals alike. Ideal for both home decor lovers and those in need of a practical solution, these napkins are a versatile addition to any household.

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