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Midnight Muse Discovery Bag

Midnight Muse Discovery Bag

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The Midnight Muse Discovery Bag is a captivating blend of pear, raspberry, ancient woods, and mystical musk. Its enchanting notes will whisk you away to a secret world of magic and wonder.

Discover a new scent that will steal your heart and leave you wanting more. This whimsical bag contains a curated collection of vegan beauty products, all tucked inside a reusable and treasured pouch.

Vegan Beauty Bag Macadamia Oil Hand Cream - 50ml
Argan Body Oil Spray - 8ml
Hand Repair - 30ml

Indulge in the nourishing Macadamia Oil Hand Cream, perfect for keeping your hands moisturized and soft. The Argan Body Oil Spray will leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. And don't forget the Hand Repair, a must-have for soothing and repairing dry, tired hands.

Whether you're a young mother, an older lady, a younger man, or a busy professional, the Midnight Muse Discovery Bag is a treat for all. It's also a great gift option for any occasion. Embrace the magic and elevate your self-care routine with this delightful collection.

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